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presenting my hobby
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I recently discovered
“The Pillars of the Earth” and can highly recommend this great game.
Game boards and dice that mean the world to me

Do you enjoy becoming a completely different person for a few hours a week as much as I do? A lot of people escape to the world of computer games. I prefer sitting down at the table with my family or a few friends, and playing some great parlor games. As settlers, explorers or master builders, we carry out our strategies, tactics, and bluffing. Or we simply trust to luck.
Fun in a group

Playing games with other people is far more fun than staring at a screen on my own. After all, were born to be part of a society. There is a positive side effect too:
You'll keep your little gray cells alert. We love playing old classics, but regularly check out new games too.

Monopoly and Ludo are always popular, of course. But we also enjoy playing newer games like Agricola, Dominion, Tikal and Caylus.